Our professional installation services extend beyond the traditional gas heater installation. Our team of technicians uses skills, expertise and attention to detail to offer a fast, end-to-end and reliable service. Whether you’re looking to install a gas flued space heater or a gas non-flued space heater for your home or office, we’ve got your needs covered.



Who Eco Gas Is

We’ve been in business for many years (since 2010) and take great pride in each and every job we do. Contact us today if you are looking for trusted, reliable and high quality GAS company.

At Eco Gas, we service and install gas fireplaces and gas appliances. At Eco Gas, our qualified and certified Installers are known for delivering complete gas room heater installations in Sydney and nearby areas for over 10 years. Well, that sort of a rock-solid experience itself establishes trust.

Eco Always Adheres To Standards and Regulations

Installation Regulations

A - 1m sideways from Doors and Windows

B - 2m from Drains and Air Vents

C - 3m below windows, unless non combustible roof is installed between containers and windows

D - 1m from property boundary unless boundary is a Fire Wall (if only 2x48kg bottles are installed). If installation is more than 2x48 kg bottles, then it must be more than 3m from boundry.

E - 5m away from a switchable electrical point i.e. plug socket, main power etc. (not a light) to the side of the bottles, or 1.5m above the bottles.

Only Class 1 or 2 copper pipe can be used. NOT what is used in plumbing. Or Approved gas piping.

All copper pipes going through a wall must be sleeved.

Flexible hose may not be more than 2m and may not go through any partition at all (including wood and dry wall)

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