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Our services include gas hob installation, gas stove installation, gas geysers, gas water heaters, gas heaters and gas fireplace installations and maintenance in.

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Domestic Installation

Domestic Gas Installation

Basic Gas Line Installation costs will depending on the scale of work and length of piping required. Installation will include all the fittings, connections, regulators, etc. required and COC

With the use of SABS approved regulators, piping and any other equipment required, Gas Experts can offer the safest installation of any Domestic appliance..

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Eco Gas Installers

Gas Conversions on Braai’s Fireplaces

We have perfected the art of turning your braai or your fireplace into a gas burning unit. We have perfected techniques that make us the leaders when it comes to conversions. Fireplaces often create smoke and charcoal embers that can only ruin carpets but they can also stain your tiles. Its been proven that long term smoke inhalation can damage you and your family’s lungs. Contact us today and find out more about our conversion services and assure yourself, that not only will you save money but your family will be safer and healthier.

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Gas Installers

Installation and Connection of Gas Appliances

With our experienced customer care team, we will provide you with the best advice on which products will best suit your unique requirements. People often make expensive errors when it comes to the equipment, you can be certain that we will guide you all the way in the right direction and save you money at the same time. While installing or converting we will intergrate the gas lines and ensure that you and your home is safe and secur

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Gas Hob Installation

Gas Hob Installation

Eco Gas offers professional and affordable gas hob installation and maintenance services in Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng area. Based in the West Rand we have quick access to all areas throughout Johannesburg for all your gas appliance needs.

With years of experience and priding ourselves in doing gas hob installations right the first time, we can confidently say that we are one of the best gas installers in the industry saving you money and time! Getting a gas hob installed in your home is cost effective and is more affordable than electricity. Don’t let load shedding or another power outage spoil your day with your electric oven or hob – gas hobs are more reliable and not dependent on Eskom!

Gas hobs are environmentally friendly as they are highly efficient from energy. Think about the future and our beautiful planet and convert to gas appliances today

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