Gas geysers have revolutionized the way we think about water heating. Known for their faster heating capabilities compared to electric geysers, they provide a continuous hot water supply, leading to significant energy and cost savings. At Eco Gas Installers, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of gas geysers, offering you an efficient and convenient solution for your hot water needs.

Types of Gas Geysers

  1. Instant vs Storage: Gas geysers come in two main types – instant geysers, which heat water on demand, and storage geysers, which store heated water in a tank.
  2. Ventilated vs Flueless: Ventilated geysers require an external flue to expel exhaust gases, while flueless models have advanced systems to neutralize exhaust gases internally.
  3. Tank Capacity and Rating: The capacity and energy rating of a gas geyser are crucial factors to consider, as they determine the volume of water it can heat efficiently.

Professional Installation

  1. Gas Line Connection: Our team at Eco Gas Installers ensures a secure and compliant gas line connection, adhering to the strict standards set by SANS 10087-1.
  2. Venting Requirements: We assess and implement the correct venting requirements, especially for ventilated models, in compliance with SANS 10087-2.
  3. Testing for Leaks: Safety is our priority. We conduct thorough leak testing as per SANS 10087-3 to ensure the integrity and safety of the installation.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

  1. 1/3rd Cost of Electric Heating: Gas geysers can reduce heating costs significantly, often to one-third of the cost of electric heating.
  2. Recover Heat Faster: They are capable of recovering heat at a faster rate, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water.
  3. Sized for Demand: We help you select a geyser sized appropriately for your demand, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Annual Servicing: Regular servicing, in line with SANS 10087 guidelines, is essential to maintain efficiency and safety.
  2. Inspect Fittings and Pipes: Regular inspections of fittings and pipes help prevent leaks and maintain optimal operation.
  3. Replace Old Models: Upgrading to newer, more efficient models can offer better performance and energy savings.

Eco Gas Installers’ Expertise

  1. Compliant Installations: Our installations fully comply with all legal and safety requirements, ensuring peace of mind.
  2. Ongoing Staff Training: Our team is continually trained in the latest safety standards and installation techniques.
  3. Safety Focused: We prioritize safety in every aspect of our service, from installation to maintenance.

Gas geysers offer a faster, more cost-effective solution for hot water needs, enhancing your lifestyle with their convenience and efficiency. With professional installation and maintenance from Eco Gas Installers, you can enjoy the full benefits of your gas geyser, assured of its safety and reliability.